2016 and beyond

When Sora Edge was founded, the idea has always been to introduce interesting products to the world. Back in August 2015, Sora Edge came up with the idea of LifeDock that serves as a docking station for smartphones and a planter. (To read more about LifeDock: click here

We put it up on a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for its production. Unfortunately the campaign did not get the funds needed. LifeDock may undergo certain design changes and there is a possibility that we will give it another try in the future.  As for now we are working on another fun project that will also go through the crowdfunding route. The project is still in its nascent stages but more details will be released soon. 

Apart from designing our own products, Sora Edge will also be on the look out for new and interesting products, art works, or handicrafts. There are a lot of talented artists and designers right here in Taiwan, and we would love to showcase their works here. We look forward to this new adventure and are curious as to what we will find along the way!